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1.What is ?
We have listed genuine computer work at home jobs and income generating ideas available with for people staying in India and other countries on this website.

2. How do you differ from other websites?

The work listed here is based on practical experience. If  you spend time reading and understanding the information provided on this website, you can easily earn more than what is promised by the "get rich scam schemes"

3.Do I have to pay any deposit/make investment/pay upfront
No deposit/upfront payment is required


4. What kind of work is available?

there are 3 types of work available.

a. Work at home jobs compiled from various sources

b. Work from online freelance marketplaces  - many companies worldwide post the work they want to outsource. You have to bid for the work. If your price is low and you have relevant experience, you will get the order

c. Online business you can start from home
d. Data entry work which we outsource  - the amounts will be very small

5. Do you pay for the work ?
We  only pay for the work outsourced by us.  Payment for data entry work


6. Can you provide work for everyone?

There are hundreds of Work at home jobs listed  . You can apply to all  these jobs

No, we directly offer work to a limited number (maximum  10) of  applicants


7. If we do not get work from you, is there any other work available?

Since the work outsourced by us is limited, you can earn money by getting work subcontracted by foreign companies.
At any time, more than 2000 projects are open, you can bid for work according to your skills

You can also start your internet business with no investment

8. How do I get sample work?
Please read detailed instructions on offline data entry work


9. How will I get paid?
For work provided by us, please read detailed instructions on offline data entry work .


10 .Will you send a CD?
All information is available on our website. No CD will be sent

11. How do I know if I am selected for your work?
We will finalize vendors within one month and inform by email . All correspondence is through email only


12. Do you have any referral program

No, we do not have any referral program like most  Indian work at home scams . However Google Adsense offers US$100 (approx. Rs 4300) for every person who signs up from your website and earns US$100 .


13. How do I login?

No login is required to access any part of our website


14. Can I visit your office in my city?

We do not have any office or associates  in  any city


15. Can I have your phone number to discuss work with you?

Since we do not take a paisa from any one , we are unable to provide free individual consultancy.  All information is available on this website, you only have to spend time reading and understanding the information provided


16. Is any bank guarantee required?

We do not provide any work that needs a bank guarantee


17. There is a problem with the freelance website listed here, what do I do?

Please contact the customer support of that website directly.


18. Can you provide PDF, TIF, JPEG  to doc conversion work?

No we do not provide this kind of work. With advances in OCR technology, this work can be done automatically using software. Companies that provide this kind of work are usually frauds like Sohonet


19. I cannot understand what is written, please explain in simple English

If  you wish to do computer work at home, you should be able to understand  English well. Try to improve your English communication skills by reading English newspapers and websites. Improve your English


20. There are different kinds of work here, how do I select?

You should select the work according to your knowledge , experience skills. It will also depend on the time available and your ability to learn new subjects.


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Offline data entry  work , no deposit required , payment in Indian Rupees (only for Indians) - less than Rs 25 per hour

Offline work at home jobs -  data conversion, freelance writing , no deposit required,  payment in Indian Rupees

Data entry work at home    Actual rates for computer work 

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Free Data entry jobs for Indians - no investment, no penalty, no court cases for mistakes

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