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When we starting looking for vendors to whom we could subcontract work, we got  many  replies. Most of them were  from individuals with a basic knowledge of internet, but expecting to earn Rs 200 per hour for  " just surfing the net". Since the average salary for a graduate in India, without work experience is less than Rs 6000 a month (outside call centers) , it is unlikely that any genuine company will pay so much for doing so little work. Other companies expect you to invest a certain amount before earn anything. These companies may pay people initially for a few months, but no company has been able to provide regular work for a long time - more than 4-5 years..

Unfortunately, most Indians looking to work from home are not aware of the various work at home scams  which are widespread in cyberspace .Many people are looking for easy money and  lose money and time when they join such schemes, without doing sufficient research.


Companies which require an initial deposit to provide regular work like Sohonet India are scams. The Cyber Crime Cell of Mumbai Police has arrested the CMD of  Sohonet India, who has duped 18000 people all over India. They spent a lot of money advertising in major newspapers in India. Unfortunately, the media in India does not highlight  the scams caused by their advertisers

Details of Work at Home scam of  Sohonet India


You can check information posted in various forums about work at homes scams in India, which are very similar to those listed above.

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Work at home MLM by a Fortune 500 multinational company (MNC) - Herbalife - few people really make money . People working for this company advertise extensively in newspaper classifieds, but they never mention the MNC name


To check how Dataentrypro really works, you can login to the members area free of cost

Members page url and Password available at  . You can check the work you will actually do and decide if it is worthwhile


Rating of  Typeinternational with the Better business bureau 


Though some of  this information has been compiled for companies in USA, they are equally applicable to the various companies in India, who advertise in various newspapers and other media

If  you have any query , feedback or suggestion, or  wish to share your experience with us, please post on our message board (no login required)

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