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When searching  India related forums and websites, I found that most of them contained messages - earn easy money sitting at home, simple work, no qualification required. These messages usually had an affiliate link to consumersindia, consumersofindia, dhandaulat, imperialbiz or some such website. After doing a lot of research , I found a few reviews on these websites

From www. mouthshut. com/readreview/64818-1. html  posted by sbehal (unfortunately the link does not work, this information is from Google's cache dated December 1, 2004 )

Consumers of India basically pays you Rs 500 on signup but  has a minimum payout of Rs 5000. In a week,  you can earn about Rs 30 from paid clicks , Rs 20 from surveys  - a total of Rs 50. To reach the minimum payout amount, just by doing the work provided by consumersofindia, it will take 6-8 months

You can increase your earnings by referring others to join consumersofIndia, since you get paid 10% of the first level referrals and 5% of the second level referrals.

This is reason why Indian message boards/forums are plastered with messages asking you to sign up for Consumers of India. Unfortunately for all its 50000 members , the website is under maintenance, as of January 2006, and I doubt whether anyone was paid.


ConsumersIndia has schemes similar to consumers of India. The minimum payout amount is Rs 5000. Their website is currently working. Bidvertisor is one of the advertising networks whose ads are visible on their home home page. There are reports of accounts being terminated for spamming and payments  withheld.


Imperialbiz  seems to be a Ponzi scheme 


We have analyzed the operation of  Easycashsolutions , which is a typical online work at home Ponzi scheme . Riskless rupees is another such scheme.


ConsumersofIndia (currently under maintenance),  ConsumersIndia, Dhandaulat, freeINR appear to be supported by advertising. Unfortunately, even today, very few Indian companies are willing to spend their multicrore advertising budgets on internet advertising . A significant amount of  money can be earned through referrals only, as very few surveys are available for Indian  companies. In India, as of now only 80 companies advertise on the internet while TV has about 3000 advertisers and the print media has about 28000 advertisers  Details on Online advertising in India, January 05, 2006 . I suppose these are major advertisers with large advertising budgets, since many small Indian companies advertise through Google's Adwords and Yahoo's Overture PPC advertising program.


You can check  feedback on search engines like Google and Yahoo by typing "fraud + site name". Unfortunately, no one in India writes about Indian scam websites, we will try to list these Indian scams.

If  you are a member of the above programs, you are only wasting your time, money (internet usage charges) on unproductive activities, for which are you likely not to be paid. 

If  you have any query , feedback or suggestion, or  wish to share your experience with us, please send an  email 

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