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Riskless rupees is another  work at home scheme in India.  A visitor to our website wanted to know whether this was a reliable website . Their modus operandi is  posted below, which typical of all work at home scams.  You have to pay a non-refundable  registration fee of  Rs 150 , which has to be renewed after 18 months.  You can mainly earn through  referrals , which is feature of  a typical Ponzi scheme fraud.

Any job/work that requires an initial deposit is very likely to be a fraud. If  you take a real job as a teacher, factory worker, computer operator, are you paid for the work or do you pay your employer for doing work?

Work on the internet is also similar.  In India, people are unfortunately used to paying bribes or using contacts for getting a 'secure government job' or "job in MNC" that is why such schemes flourish.


From: "ravikiran ravikiran"
Subject: request 2 confirm this sites fraud r not...
Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 6:59 PM

I am a engg. student looking for data entry work…in www.freewebs. com/ risklessrupees n i requested them 2 send me the details n they have sent me the following info…..i have 2 make necessary arrangements, so plz reply me r confirm me whether this site r the person mentioned below is fraud r not..Plz I am waiting for u r reply.

Name (as per Bank Account) :
Father Name/Husband Name :
Date of Birth/Age/Sex (M/F) :
Occupation :
Full Address/State/Pin :
Phones/Mobile :
Email Address :
Alternate Email Address : III-C169

Introduce Any Three Friends : 1) Email
(Interested persons in Online 2) Email
Business) 3) Email

Sponsored by (Name and code) : Name:A Vijaya Sekhar
RR code/Level:III-C169
EPJ Code:EP105
11. Payments Details : DD No: Date:
Or other details:
12. Bank Account Details:
13. Register me in
Affiliate Program 01 : Yes
Email Processor Job : Yes
I agree with Terms and conditions.
Station : Signature of the Applicant
Date :
Terms and Conditions

Member must to be adult and must have attained age of 18 years.
You will become volunteer Member and business associates as soon as company accepts your Registration.
The Member must be Indian.
Registered Member :- The Member who have no dues of payments to company in the matters of registration & 100% paid.
The company shall have the right to make any amendments if necessary at any time after the agreement and the Member shall abide by such changes.
The company holds right to terminate Membership at any time.
The company is not liable to promise any compulsory monetary gains.
Payment made by the Member is not refundable.
The Membership is not transferable.
The Member is not an Employee of the Company.
Only one Entry or Membership per one person.
All the Members have to get Qualify to get payouts.
The payouts are released after complete filling of the each level, in affiliate programs.
The Company motto is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE as the system is Auto filling.
The Company fills the Members from left to right of the system.
The company shall not be responsible for interruptions in its services by the act of Natural Calamities or other out of its control.
1%-2% of the Member payment is recovered for the funds for Natural calamities like Tsunami or Earthquakes. (Separate understanding is taken later as per conditions, if required).
Taxes are deducted as per Govt. rules and regulations.
Out of full payment Rs180/-, only Rs150/- for Membership and Rs 30/- is for handling charges.
In exchange for membership privileges you agree to receive our periodic newsletters and information on offers and promotions from our affiliates and partners at any time
The company is not responsible for any postal and courier service delays.
You agree to provide and maintain accurate, complete and updated contact information.
On acceptance only every body will registered in Affiliate program 01&Email processor Job. Every one should get registered separately for Affiliate Program 02,OFFER 01 & 02.
I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the RisklessRupees and I agree to abide by the same. I am joining as Member with my own interest without any influence.
Station: Signature of the Applicant

Hello ,
After your Request for the Application form and T&C, the RR Team feels happy and congrats once again for taking first step. Print both Application & T&C and send them by filling with out any empty columns.

Dont forget FIRST COME FIRST SERVE is the company motto.

Mode of Payments: DD's & Money orders only, but no cheques are entertained due to the delay in the services.
Please try to send the application in the courier service or registered post for acknowledgement for the proof of delievery. A copy by E-Mail also please.

· If you send amount by Postal M.O please write your details in the “space for communications” on the M.O form. M.O form without details may creat some delay in registration.
· While giving email address in the application make sure that one of them must be yahoo.
(please avoid rediffmail and indiatimes email address)

DD’s in Favour of
payable at “State Bank of Hyderabad”
“Palvancha” Brancha.
BranchCode – 2165 (Write code on DD)

Postal Address:
Door No BE 222, Ash Colony
Palvancha, Khammam(Dist)
Pin 507115.

Check attachment for application.

With Wishes
RisklessRupees Team
Visit site : http://www.freewebs.com/ risklessrupees/ (cannot spend Rs 1000 on own website)

This is a clear indicator of a SCAM.  The advance payment/deposit of Rs 180 is sent to the personal account. Any well established company will ask for payment to be made in the company name to their current account with established nationalized or private bank .

This is scheme is riskless only for the person who has started this scheme - he had not even bothered to spend Rs 1000 on a website, he has opened this website on free webhosting site  freewebs

For any query , feedback or suggestion, or  wish to share your experience with us, please send an  email . For genuine work, where no deposit is to be paid, please check

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