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Due to the large number of applications and lack of electricity in Mumbai/ Maharashtra , we will not respond to further applications.   Latest work from home jobs, data entry for Indians

Based on feedback from visitors to our website, most people looking to work at home , still do not have cheap internet access and are looking for offline work. If you have a cybercafé or unlimited internet access (for a fixed monthly rental) , we recommend that you bid for  projects posted on online freelance marketplaces . We are listing the offline work at home jobs we can offer. We do not require any deposit or initial payment . All information required to work from home is listed below, we will not send any additional details by email. If  you cannot understand the simple instruction below, you may find other jobs more suitable.



Please APPLY for Latest work from home jobs, data entry for Indians

Offline Data entry work - no deposit or investment required


Data Conversion

For conversion of text data to excel format, we require people with good English comprehension and writing skills.

Company information  like company name, address, phone no., fax no. , name of contact person, product information is available in text format.  This information has to be converted into excel format. 

The volume of work required by us is low, about  1000 entries are to made per month.  In many cases, only partial information is available, i.e. fax no. or contact person name is missing.

We have got offers for  50 paise per entry.

Payment is within 30 days by  cheque/ Money Order after checking the quality of the work submitted.

If you are interested , please indicate the rate you offer per company detail and  the discount you offer for incorrect entries. We do not entertain personal visits, since the amount is very small

If  you can offer better rates, please send an email  with your experience. We are not interested in changing vendors unless we get a substantial discount (less than 50p per entry)


Freelance writing     Latest work from home jobs, data entry for Indians

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