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The mainstream media  - newspapers, television in India contains a lot of hype about software development and outsourcing in  India.  But even in Mumbai, the commercial capital of  India , we do not have 24 hour electricity - we have 3 hours of load shedding  daily. India also has one of the lowest internet usage among all countries worldwide. The software developed in India (domestic + exports) is 1/5th of the total software developed in China, where computers and software are used extensively for local applications. On our B2B website, we offer a large number of free services. Unfortunately Indian companies are slow to use them, but  companies from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand  have used these tools for sales promotion.


One of the main reasons for the low internet usage in India is the lack of relevant Indian content and costly internet connections. We have had an internet connection for more than 5 years. Our first internet connection was a dialup connection with VSNL - now part of Tata Indicom. They still remain the most  technically competent ISP in  Mumbai. They had a simple webmail interface earlier, but now they use it to promote their other services, with irritating animations. We also have accounts with Dishnet, which is now part of  Tata Indicom. Tata Indicom Broadband is also available in some areas. They have launched unlimited internet usage packs starting from Rs 500 (+ service tax) per month  for 64kbps


Airtel (Touchtel) Broadband services are available in New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Pondicherry, Bangalore,Madhya Pradesh  and some other parts of India. They seem to have a limited reach. Reliance also offers internet services, but you can only use it for webmail based services. Sify, Hathway, Iqara , Incable (Exatt) are other cable internet connection providers in Mumbai. The customer service of Iqara is poor, they take cheque payment for installation and do not install the connection even after 6 months, despite repeated followup. Exatt has a tieup with local cablewallahs. To install their latest software, they will insist that you format your Windows XP PC (with licensed software) and install Windows 98. For most cable connections, some ports are blocked, so you often cannot upload information to your website. In many cases, their engineer will not know about FTP (file transfer protocol) and ports used for internet access.

If an ISP has a tie-up with a local cable operator, the quality of their service is likely to be poor. The local cable operator,  is usually a politician or has links with the local underworld. These cable operators are  not very professional and they send their engineer for troubleshooting late at night.


All ISPs charge between Rs 8 -12 per hour for dialup connections, but the telephone connection provided by MTNL/BSNL/ Tata Indicom is far more expensive at Rs 20 - Rs 24 per hour. MTNL had introduced a scheme by which you could pay Rs 500 per month for unlimited calls to ISP numbers starting with 172XX. They have sneakily doubled the rates to Rs 1000 per month , without even informing the customers. This is mainly to increase the broadband usage in India, - the consumers will find this hike too high and switch to broadband.  Also email services provided by most  ISPs are not reliable, for example mails sent to hathway accounts often disappear. Mail from one of their customers

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 This year the Telecom Ministry seems determined to increase the number of broadband users. Unfortunately for MTNL (Triband ) /BSNL (Dataone) despite attractive offers the number of the broadband users has not increased substantially. This is because these schemes have a very low download limit - 400MB/700MB. The billing software is also not accurate. A person from Jodhpur received bills of nearly  Rs 1 lakh (Rs 100000) from BSNL after taking a BSNL Dataone connection. 

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