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Please note that the below work was available in 2006. Due to the current conditions, it is no longer available in 2011. Instead please check the Work at home jobs forum for the latest telecommute jobs

Simple copy paste work available, payment in Indian Rupees by Money Order, can be done from home in your free time. NO deposit or investment of any kind is required and you will receive cash at your doorstep.


We have got hundreds of  replies and will only consider persons who we feel will do quality work with minimum guidance. Since this is the largest free work at home website in India, we have developed a fairly reliable proprietary system for detecting people looking for "easy money" and scams. So if you are  not very hardworking and sincere, please do not waste both your time and our time.


 Please note that no special skills are required for this work but we are looking for a disciplined person who will work everyday and not take any break without informing us. A highly skilled person can apply to thousands of  freelance projects or local freelance projects that pay you well for your skills.


We will penalize vendors who are irregular, if they not inform us in advance, by deducting a penalty from the amount due to them. If no work is done for more than 3 days during the trial period, we will assume that the vendor is not interested and no further work is assigned.


Payments made for copy paste paste work. We  take pride in making payments promptly and have already made payments by cash to 10 vendors all over India, in different towns and cities such as Surat, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Tirupur. Regular workers will be assigned additional work and can earn about Rs 4000 monthly for 3-4 hours work daily.


We require sincere, hardworking persons with excellent English vocabulary.    
To check your English skills and ability to follow instructions, please register on our forum and complete 10 posts. We will approve your registration within 24 hours. Please contact us  if  your id is not approved. Forum posting is writing a few comments on a particular subject or topic

You can post in the following categories:
- Post your resume/ bio-data : My Resume
- Post details of  your internet connection: Internet Connection - please post details here only

- Post details of  your computer (PC/notebook) configuration : PC Configuration - please post here

- Post your experience with work at home scams / jobs that require upfront payment :

Data entry, data conversion and clerical jobs :
Medical and other transcription jobs :

Software, freelance writing and other work at home jobs :


All links should be posted in your signature only.


We will read these posts to check your suitability for the job.  If  your posts are very short and repetitive , we may not

consider you for the job.


PLEASE DO NOT REPEAT POSTS, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED as it indicates that you are unable to follow simple instructions. Also do not spam our forums with advertising from other scam work at home companies, we do not have time to waste deleting your ads. We will ban you from our forums, and no work will be offered.

After you complete 10 posts, please contact us with your user id .

We will not consider your application if you do not complete 10 posts.

Please do not make repeat posts or 2-3 word posts.  This is the only way we can check your attitude towards this kind of work. We have observed that people who make poor quality posts also do poor quality work. 

The quality of work done by some of our earlier vendors was poor and we wasted our time and money.


To get a job in real life, you have to give a written test and interview, only if you qualify will you get the job. Posting on the forum is our version of  an online interview.  The work is very simple

Please send a brief resume also with your name, telephone no and address at  which you want to receive payment.

Also specify the time you will be online everyday and how soon you can respond to emails.

If you are student, also specify your exam schedule, when you will take a break, so that we can make alternate arrangements

You will have to search a particular website for certain words and paste messages (provided by us) as per certain criteria

We will pay up to Rs 2 per message pasted, Rs 1 for a normal post and  Rs 1 extra as a bonus for highly rated messages. We will also pay you for account creation and other tasks assigned periodically.
We will check your postings regularly for accuracy.

Payment by Money order in Indian Rupees only, for 1st 3 payments.

First payout (during testing period), Rs 50, minimum payout Rs 400

Cheque payments are made once a month, at par ICICI bank cheques for regular  vendors outside Mumbai who earn more than Rs 1500. We can alternately deposit cash in your UTI bank account or make payment through Paypal (Current exchange rate will be considered).

If  URL is not pasted properly or  you do not format messages properly during test period , we will not continue with you. We will give other vendors a chance to work with us.

If the quality of the work is poor and you do not reply to our emails within 12 hours, we may terminate your account. If you feel there is a problem with email,  you can post your message on our forum

We will only pay for messages posted as per our criteria . We will not pay for any internet/computer charges

Initially, it will take 1 hour per day, later could increase to 4-5 hours daily.


We would prefer if  work is  done everyday ( including Sundays and holidays). If not, please let us know in advance.  In case there is a break of  more than a day without prior intimation, your contract with us could be terminated and you will receive final payment, if you have done more than Rs 50 worth of work with us, after deducting penalty.

We are very strict about being regular.

If we make an offer and you do not start working within 12 hours,  we will assume that you are not interested. We will then ask the next person to start working.


This a long term genuine job, no fee of any kind is required  from you
All correspondence should be sent by email only, no phone calls entertained
Please reply at the earliest, since we will finalize soon. Only successful candidates will be informed, all others who complete 10 posts will be put on our waiting list, and informed about future jobs.

For any query , feedback or suggestion, or  to share your experience with us,  please post on our message board 

To advertise, email

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