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Easycashsolutions is one of the number of  work at home scheme in India.  Their modus operandi is  posted below, which typical of all work at home scams.  You have to pay a non-refundable  registration fee of  Rs 600 , which has to be renewed after 18 months.  You can mainly earn through  referrals , which is feature of  a typical Ponzi scheme fraud.

 They have an associate website offline data entry work where the  a registration fee of  Rs 2750

Any job/work that requires an initial deposit is very likely to be a fraud. If  you take a real job as a teacher, factory worker, computer operator, are you paid for the work or do you pay your employer for doing work?

Work on the internet is also similar.  In India, people are unfortunately used to paying bribes for getting a 'secure government job' that is why such schemes flourish.

Initially they may pay people 1/3 of the amount they get from new referrals, but  after some time , this scheme is sure to fail.


Google is one of the largest internet advertising companies and some of  India's largest websites like Indiatimes (Times of India), Indian Express show advertisements through Google Adsense.  If  you go  www.  easycashsolutions. com/faq.html, you will find a  white space with the message (as of January 12, 2006)

You are not authorized to view this page

which indicates that their Google Adsense account has been disabled. Google Adsense accounts are usually disabled if  the website owner has generated invalid clicks or committed fraud. This is is an indication that the website owner is not very honest.

This is the standard sales letter for easycashsolutions (most work at home schemes follow the same pattern)
Thank you for showing your keen interest in a very great opportunity made for you to earn at your home by your computer. We will pay your earnings/income every week at your home.
I'm giving you here details regarding the Online/home-based jobs provided by us. Please go through them thoroughly. If you need any clarifications just visit our website "easycashsolutions. com." or email your queries to me. I welcome your mails and assure you that I'll reply you promptly and honestly. You can contact our General Manager (queries) at our phone number 0984**** or by email also.
Please remember to write my referral ID: "****" in "Referred by:" column in the registration form given on our website.
I hope and assure you that your experience with us will be highly rewarding and pleasant. Please care to reply this email.

Query 1) Details of the company:-
Answer1) Our Company
ECS is a well established company in providing online and offline work. We have a huge setup of Data Conversion at Trivandrum, Kerela, India. Right now we have franchise and contracts for many internationally reputed companies, publishers such as Oxford and many universities of USA. We have at present over thousand members across India. We have many International Members too. As a company we are registered one and our Trade Mark is also registered.

Question 2) your job profile and income/earnings:-
Answer 2) we offer following online jobs to you when you will become our proud member. They can be done anywhere. All you need is a computer with internet connection. There are no qualifications/skills required. You need not spend hours in front of your computer to earn your money. All our job requires is only 20-30 minutes/day in an Internet cafe/home at the minimum.

Following are the opportunities for you:
(1) Online Data Entry Work (Ad Typing): is a simple online job which anyone can do. Basically your job is to increase the traffic to our websites by giving website addresses with your valid referral id in different free message boards, chat rooms, etc available on Internet. You will be given the matter you need to post on Internet. You just have to type that matter (or copy-paste) on different free message boards, chat rooms, etc on Internet. You will earn for every valid referrals you make at the rate of Rs200/- per every valid referral (Indian) and Rs300 /- per every valid referral (International). So the more you work, the more valid referrals you get and hence more money. On average our members get very easily 1-3 referrals per hour minimum on internet. This amounts to Rs200-Rs900 per hour minimum. Please see that here the earning potential is unlimited and many of our members are earning Rs20000+ every month.
Also we will pay you every week your earnings.

Email Reading and Ad Clicking Jobs: we will provide you many genuine sites of advertising from USA for which we are members. You have to visit those sites from the links we will provide you in your web-pages/account with us. You have to register there free of cost because you are referred by us. These websites will send you emails daily on average $1-$5 daily. Say for example you register yourself for just 10 websites so you will get daily on average emails of $10-$50 daily. This if I take on monthly basis will average nearly $300-$1500 (30*$10-$50). But you will be paid in Indian Rupees. I think the last payment we got was in $1=Rs46. Please see that * denotes multiplication. It means in a month you can earn near to Rs13800 ($300*46) - Rs69900 ($1500*46). This is just an example if you register for 10 sites only. Choice depends on you only. We are members of many such sites. The emails you will get will have ads of various companies across the globe. You have to open those email

Why will companies from USA waste money on advertising to customers in India who do not have money to purchase their products?

Query 3) Reasons to join us:-
Answer3) a) We will pay you weekly which no other company gives. Mostly companies who are fraud claim to pay monthly because after taking work for whole month they disappear profitably. But we take work only for one week and pay you by next week. Our track record says that our payments reach members by every Wednesday.
b. We have 24 hours and 365 days online support for you through emails/messengers/phones. You can contact us anytime you want. In fact we have our helpline open on weekends and festive days. Mostly the fraud companies hesitate to contact personally and anytime. But we always welcome all your queries/doubts/questions every time.

We will provide purely legitimate work. There is no spamming/no selling whatsoever. We strictly follow the laws. The fraud companies make you involve in selling commission and spamming like jobs which have legal implications. We only provide you legal work what our companies have and those companies are well respected in the world.

(d) We will pay you by demand draft/Money orders, hence we are fully responsible and correct legally. All other fraud companies pay by cheques which normally get bounced.

(e) This is not the end! We will give you good incentives, gifts such as latest Samsung/Nokia mobiles and much more according to you work.
Query 4) Procedure to join us: - (this is only for the people residing in India, for international ones please contact us now)
Answers 4) here are the 4 simple steps you have to follow to become a member of ECS and start earning from the comforts of your home.

Step 1.
First thing to do is, get Registered with us online by clicking REGISTER option provided in our website. Fill up the membership form given. Remember to write "****" in "Referred by:" column.

Step 2.
Send us a Demand Draft/ of Rs600/- in favor of Mr. Hari Kumar. K payable at Trivandrum in the following address by REGISTERED POST/SPEED POST within the next 10 days.

This is the clearest indicator of a SCAM.  The advance payment/deposit of Rs 600 is sent to the personal account. Any well established company will ask for payment to be made in the company name to their current account with established nationalized or private bank

Write your name, address and "Referred by: ****" on the reverse of the DD/.
Phone- 0984***

[Please write our contact phone number also, on the envelope, if you are sending it through courier]
Step 3.
After sending the DD/, please send us an email immediately providing the details of your:-
a. DD/ [such as number, date drawn, name of the bank which issued the DD/],
b. Post/Courier Details

Step 4.
As soon as your DD reaches us, we will create your actual account with us and a 'valid referral id' & your account details will be sent to you through email. The membership process ends here.
Please register yourself on our website easycashsolutions. com. Please remember to write "***" in "referred by" column. Please provide us your feedback as soon as possible. Looking forward to a positive reply.
All the best

For any query , feedback or suggestion, or  wish to share your experience with us, please send an  email . For genuine work, where no deposit is to be paid, please check

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