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Internet access rates in India have decreased considerably in the last 2-3 years, making working from home online a viable option. There are several ways to earn money from home using the internet.

1. Buying and selling online through online auctions - currently eBay (earlier known as Baazee) is the largest online auction site in India, though other portals like indiatimes, rediff also sell various products. Since most auction sites deliver products only after payment is received for the sale, you will not loose any money.

2. Domain name registration, website hosting and design    How to build a website

3. Software development - will require some knowledge of various software. Outsourced work is listed at websites like elance (for all categories of work) and rent-a-coder (for software). Many Indians are listed in these 2 websites and earn a regular income. However, unless you have relevant experience, you may have to spend one or  two months bidding for projects regularly, before you get work for the first time.

4. Selling advertising on your website. Your website should get regular traffic from search engines and links from other websites.   

 Make money from your website        Google Adsense      Starting Google Adsense        Web statistics

For products or services sold locally , you will receive payment in Indian rupees, but foreign customers may pay in US $ or Euro. How to receive payment in Indian Rupees

Earn more by Outsourcing

Reduce your costs by outsourcing web development, SEO, software development, graphic and web design

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