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One of the best ways to learn web design and programming is to build your own basic website. No investment is needed , only some time and effort. Resources to build a website are available free on the internet.  You can open a free account at Geocities or any other free hosting companies. FrontPage is available on most PCs with Windows Operating System. If you search the term "how to build a website" on any search engine like Google or Yahoo, you will get a list of useful websites.

You can start by building a small website about your company or yourself - a personal website.  Making a basic HTML page is as simple as typing a well formatted Word Documents. Some free resources for learning to build a website are

W3 schools - free web building tutorials

HTML help from web design group

Webmonkey - Resources for web developers (for advanced users)


You can ask your associates to visit the website and based on their feedback, make improvements. You can also volunteer to build a few free websites for local charities - you will gain valuable experience and be able to provide references to future customers. To learn programming languages like PERL and PHP, you may have to use paid hosting, since many free hosting packages do not support these software. Once you are confident about your basic web design skills, you can start bidding on the various projects posted by buyers or work at home jobs . Check work at home projects, work at home jobs available 

Initially , you may not win any projects for which you bid. You should analyze the rates offered by the winning bidder, to be able to  make a better offer to the buyer next time. If  you do not understand the specifications, you can almost certainly find additional information on the internet . Many buyers will directly contact you for future work, if they are happy with your services. So initially many companies/individuals  quote very low rates to get their first customer. Computer work at home jobs available 

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