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Due to the lack of employment opportunities in India and hype in the media about software and BPO, many people feel that by taking up data entry work, they will earn a regular income. Unfortunately , there are many scammers who take advantage of this. They take an initial deposit , promising a regular monthly income but after some time they disappear with the money. We have listed the experience of people who have done genuine data entry work and also those who have lost money. Work at home scams

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Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2011 8:33 AM
I came to know about data conversion jobs on the internet.I had a very bitter experience of this.I have done this work for 3 years now but was not satisfied with it.
1)I first invested Rs 4000 with a company called Data Mansion in New Delhi for translation job. After doing the work for 1 month i did not receive any payment which was promised to me as of Rs 4000 per month.After that the company website also did not exist.2) Then I invested Rs 2600 for Mantra Technology Labs in Kerela for typing job.I did the trial work.The rate was Rs 8/1000 characters if 99% accuracy, Rs 7/1000 characters if accuracy 98% and Rs 6/1000 characters if accuracy 96-97%.
But after that due to some problems in Kerela regarding this company i did not receive any further work. But my investment was returned back to me.The company does not exist now.
3)Then I invested Rs 6000 for data editing job at kolkata (company :swastik Infotech). I have not received any payment from them till now.I have been working since july 2011.The rates are Rs 4000 for 1mb of work if 100% accuracy and no payment if accuracy below 94% but one chance of rework will be given. Now they have some internal problem so the work schedule has been postponed till further notice.
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Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 9:51 AM
1. correction on scanned documents done for Sohonet Pvt Ltd. with a deposit of Rs. 7000/- and earned 15000/- pm

2. Data entry done for MRF Ltd Goa with no deposit and received Rs.2/- per document
3. Converting of Web sites to ebooks for Hi tech Computers Goa no deposit and earned Rs 5000/- pm
Except the first company - Sohonet Pvt. Ltd received payments from other companies

Company Name : infinity Computers
Address :Dhavali Ponda Goa 403401
Infrastrucuture : 7 Pcs with CD writer and UPS etc
Working staff : 4- 5 Members     Send email 

From: "naseem sehar"

Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 11:35 AM
 sir , i want to tell you that i have no experience of any data processing or home based computer job.
sir, 6 months back i decided to do some home based computer job and i did approach to one website which
name is 'GNETT' and they were offering an offline home based computer job and i deposit 2500 rs. in their
account but they cheated me and they stop contacting me from the day i deposit 2500 rs. in their account
and they did not offer me any job.
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Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 2:16 PM
 working in Govt. organization since July, 1993 and have 13 years of experience and looking after typing work, letter correspondence etc. My present speed is 110 w.p.m. with accuracy on Computer. Apart from I worked with M/s.NEO PRINTERS and M/s. RAJKAMAL OFFSET PRINTERS with 8 years as Data Entry Operator and done several types of data entry work of per page basis @ Rs.7/- for running matter and Rs.9/- for statement work respectively. Presently I am working with an Advocate as Part-time Typist (6.30 PM to 09.00 PM).
I have a system in my home and interested to do offline data entry work @ Rs.6/- for running matter.
searched lot of sites through Internet on home based jobs. But they demanded very much high amount as deposit / investment. So that I was not interested to deposit the money, because I am low paid employee and am unable to pay the much amount.
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Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2011 8:00 PM
 Deposited amount to the company as an up-front. Rs 8000\ with sohonet India Pvt Ltd., Rs 2100\ with data soft solution and Rs 16500\ with Artex e-com India Pvt. Ltd. But sir I am not satisfy by investing amount with this company because I am not received the work and payment as they promised.

Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 11:19 AM
 have worked as a data entry operator at Dinesh software park. I had done the data conversion work using the ABBYY FineReader software. I was getting the monthly payment of Rs. 1,500/-. Since the payment was very low, I tried to work from home using my own pc. First I got the data typing work of mantra technology. I had paid Rs. 3,000/- as the registration fee. I got the trial work first and I was successful and got the actual work. I was successful in that work also but after that I didn't get the 2nd work and I was waiting and later I came to know that the MD of that firm was missing. So I did not get the payment as well I lost the registration fee also. Similarly I tried 2 more works and I did not get a pie for my work
usha.   Send email 

Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 10:03 AM
My name is "A S Jayakumar". I am a "B.B.A." Graduate,. We also paid Rs.6000 to M/s. Indus Solutions, for getting data conersion jobs (image to doc conversion), and finally found them as a fraud. But we gained a good experience in doing that project. We also got data entry project from "Data Script" a bangalore based company, there we deposited Rs. 10,000. They paid depending upon the accuracy level and provided jobs for 6 months according to the contract. Now the contract has been end between ourselves. In the one year I found that there are many logical vendors trying to cheat the public and "genuine vendors are rare and hard to find".  Send email 


From: "bensi manimala"
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 3:44 PM
 We are at present doing DATA EDITING work of M/s VISTA INFOTECH and M/s EMPIRE INFOSOFT, both from Jaipur. We are working with this company's project since january 2011. We have received few payments in the beginning. But since last 4 months, they are declaring that the accuracy is low and no payment is made. Irrespective of repeated requests, no QC report is been issued by them.
As the project is not giving any result, I am worried, how to maintain them.
Also I would like to request you to help us in finding the genuinity of a company named M/s DEVANSH SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Pvt Ltd, 315/111 FLOOR, PINK CITY TOWER, PEETAL FACTORY, JAIPUR, who have approached us to be there distributor for South India to sell their registrations. 

I think, it will be good, if there is an agency which will work for public in finding out the genuinity of any such firms. A nominal fees can be levied for such services.
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Part time, freelance, data entry, data conversion, writing, software, online teaching, transcription jobs

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