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'Please explain in simple English, I cant  understand'

'I cannot invest now'

'Please send the form for joining'

These are the common emails we receive from visitors to our website . These visitors either do not understand English or  have not bothered to read anything on our website, so it will be difficult for them to earn money from home.


Though English is the first or second language in schools for most people who complete a high school education,  on an average, the written English is not very good.  Also due to the large number of  satellite television channels which are now available, most students spend free time watching serials, movies and contests on TV instead of reading.

However,  most genuine work at home jobs available today in India are outsourced from developed countries like USA, Canada, UK. In these countries ,  they expect outsourced work to be completed with high accuracy, and there should no spelling or grammatical mistakes.


You can improve your English by visiting the following free internet resources. There are some minor differences in the English taught in United Kingdom and  USA/Canada

BBC website

Improve your English with listening and reading exercises, quizzes and communicating with others

British Council  in India

Learn English in India

Learn English from the British Council is a free website which helps students and teachers of  English worldwide. It offers courses to learn English in more than 50 countries for children and adults. The course material includes games, quizzes, grammar exercises, e-cards, songs, stories, various topics, and printable material. The website has associated websites in Arabic and Chinese.


Other resources are local newspapers - for example in India English newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times,  Indian Express, The Hindu and magazines like India Today and Outlook. More than 30% of the articles in the print edition of most newspapers are syndicated from British and American newspapers like New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian or news agencies like Associated Press , Reuters. By reading these articles, you can become familiar with the writing style and language used in USA and UK. Another option is to watch TV programs in English like the news and serials.


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