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Freelance online marketplaces are one of the easiest and most convenient way of getting freelance work. The work can be done remotely, from your home - like programming , website design, writing articles,  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), data conversion, graphic design . Good written English communication skills are required. Many of these marketplaces have an escrow system to ensure that the freelancers receive payment, after they complete the work. Elance,, RentaCoder and GetaFreelancer are some of the largest online freelance marketplaces and they have thousand of projects in various countries posted at any time.  Elance and  are 2 of the oldest and largest  marketplaces but they require payment of  an initial subscription to be able to bid in any category of your choice. If you are a free service provider at Guru, you can bid for up to 10 projects, but the work should match your profile and you should be invited to bid.

RentaCoder and  GetaFreelancer are free to register for service providers . After filling the registration form and generating a login id, password, you will get an acknowledgement mail to complete the registration process. No payment has to be made.  After the registration process is complete, you can bid on any of the projects you are interested in  and can complete successfully. Thorough knowledge of a programming language like PHP, Java, Perl will increase your chances of  winning a project. RentaCoder has more American service buyers while GetaFreelancer has many European service buyers. American service buyers usually define their requirements more clearly.

Bidders for most projects will often be from low cost countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russia  and rates are extremely competitive.  You should check the past history of the buyer before making a bid. If the buyer has purchased some work earlier, he is more likely to be a serious buyer. Some buyers may only consider the price, others  will consider the reputation of the seller  and most buyers will consider a combination of both factors  before making a decision. Initially , you may not win any project, but if you make sufficient effort, you can gradually get regular work from these websites.

After the bidding is complete, the buyer finalizes the order and pays the amount into the escrow account of  RentaCoder or GetaFreelancer. The winning bidder has to complete the work as agreed and send it to the buyer. The payment is then released to the account of the service provider. RentaCoder charges a fee of upto 15% (or a minimum of 3 US$) to the winning bidder.  The fees for GetaFreelancer are 10% of  the bid amount or  US$5 (whichever is higher). There is no fee for sellers for projects posted on the bulletin board for RentaCoder and Featured projects for GetaFreelancer. If you are a gold member at GetaFreelancer, paying a monthly fee of  US$10, you do not have to pay a commission. 

The money from your account can be withdrawn by Check, Western Union, Money Transfer, Paypal and Moneybookers (for GetaFreelancer). The withdrawal fees for RentaCoder vary from US$10  to more than US$40.

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