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Faking concern - hypocrites faking concern about the owner, only to steal benefits
Google ban - Website is banned by Google, the hypocrisy of Google as it encourages and supports the vicious and cruel identity theft attempts on the owner of, a single woman

Fake owners - Glamorous cunning young women, who do not pay a single paisa towards the bills, but get falsely claim to be associated with the business
Fake references - How powerful men give fake references to their cruel cunning girlfriends and relatives, in their cowardly attempt to harass a single woman, the real owner of
Copied articles
The Indian internet industry has some of the most amazing and disgusting double standards in the world. If a "simple" married housewife (and the gang of cowards hiding behind her) cheat a single woman webmaster, the owner of of her hard earned money, and there is proof available that the webmaster has been cheated (the articles do not pass copyscape), not a single person in the Indian internet industry will openly offer any kind of help or assistance to the webmaster, who has to pay many bills. The webmaster paid so much money to the housewife, that the housewife could buy a new house in Bangalore. The husband of the housewife works in Tata Power, the single woman entrepreneur has to pay for all her personal and internet bills alone.
Now the housewife conveniently refuses to reply to the webmaster of who she has looted of her hard earned money. In fact for this act of cheating, the housewife (and the gang of cowards hiding behind her) has been rewarded with control of and, which they are shamelessly using to promote their friends, and harass all those who they do not like. Almost all the internet companies in India support this cheating housewife and her gang, with zero morals or conscience.
On other hand, there is no proof at all against the webmaster, yet many internet companies and powerful people are spreading malicious rumours about her integrity. Can anyone explain the amazing double standards of the Indian internet industry, why they worship, protect and promote cheaters like the housewife and harass and persecute innocent experienced webmasters?

Bill payment
The webmaster and owner of this website has to work hard for hours to earn money and pay the bill, yet those in charge will falsely claim that the payment is made by their glamorous young girlfriend including a Kim Kardashian look alike. Then these "girlfriends" will get all the lucrative assignments which offer easy money, because of the lies of their powerful backers.
It is an example of the double standards online in the corrupt Indian internet industry, one person works hard and pays the bills, someone else gets all the credit just because she is the girlfriend or relative of a powerful person, without doing any work or spending any money.

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