People who have cheated the real owner of Home

List of women who have cheated the owner of of her hardearned money of twenty years and are falsely claiming to be involved in the business. Web hosting for this website costs $19.95 a month, these women have got a lot of money by shamelessly misusing the name of the real webmaster of this business and the real webmaster is not get any assistance at all. We will remove the names of these individuals as soon as they contact us and give an honest answer explaining their behaviour. Any help in tracing these individuals would be greatly appreciated. If these people are so honest, why do they not have the decency to contact the real owner of and clarify their misbehaviour
Nayanshree Hathwar - wife of Guruprasad Hathwar, working in Tata Power, Lives in Chiguru, JP Nagar, Bangalore, in a house which was built using the money earned from Most of the article she submitted do not pass copyscape. Today she and her husband are not replying to the repeated requests of the owner of
Alpana Roy - retired schoolteacher in Kolkatta. The powerful coward who hides behind her is cruelly intercepting emails for the owner of
Ruchika Kinger (or her anonymous powerful backer) - works in Vinove Software solutions, unwilling to give a refund for the poor quality articles she submitted
Siddhi Mandrekar - daughter of Sufal Mandrekar, her powerful family and relatives falsely claim that she is involved in the business, when she is doing nothing at all. She is an expert in backstabbing people, cruel and without any humanity or conscience, so stay far away from her. She is very dishonest and wants to claim credit for the work she has not done, and payment she does not do.

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