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Please note that though Google wants more Indian women to spend time online, and it has allegedly treated the owner of, a single woman in the worst possible manner encouraging powerful officials to sexually harass, cheat, exploit and defame a harmless innocent hardworking single woman engineer wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to ruin her reputation and finances. A request for clarification to Google sent to, the publisher has not received any reply, indicating that google does not want to defend itself against these allegations. The Google Adsense account was disabled in 2008, though the account was opened in 2003. After that the owner of was subjected to a most vicious slander campaign, based entirely on lies and malicious rumours which make it extremely difficult to lead a normal life.
Despite subjecting the owner of to a brutal surveillance for several years , to find evidence to support these malicious rumours, they were unable to. However, instead of having the grace, humanity and decency to apologize and offer compensation, the cruel gang behind this vicious slander campaign, instead subjected the owner of to numerous very vicious and cruel identity identity theft attempts. The powerful men in the Indian internet industry would repeatedly introduce their glamorous young girlfriends as associated with, when these cunning girlfriends are not contributing to the business in any way at all. Basically these shameless men, would misuse the name of the owner of behind her back. After many months, the people at Google realised that the harassment was not yielding the desired results, so now they have effectively removed all the websites of the owner of from their index, to reduce the online income. Simultaneously bangalore cybercrime refuses to take action against the cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, who has cheated the engineer and publisher of more than Rs 1,1 lakh to build a new house in bangalore, as allegedly powerful officials and google are falsely claiming that the cheater nayanshree was their classmate in IIT bombay 1993, when nayanashree did not get admission to IIt
It is a clear indication of how Google only supports women, with powerful friends and families, and encourages the harassment of experienced vulnerable female webmasters.
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