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One of the most disgusting aspect of working online is how people falsely claim to be concerned about a person when they are only interested in misusing her name behind her back, and enriching their relatives and friends. A single woman entrepreneur who is an experienced webmaster is the worst victim of this blatant exploitation by powerful men in the Indian internet industry.
These powerful men who have never spoken or even interacted with her, will shamelessly steal all the privileges and assignments due to her, and give them to their girlfriends and relatives. For webhosting, the person who only did the web design, got credit for managing the webhosting. A person who sent copied articles, got credit for all the non copied content on the websites and control of important writing websites. Their lies and hypocrisy is exposed when she tries to contact them, the hypocrites will either never reply or give an honest reply.
List of people to be avoided

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