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A little known fact about working online in India is the existence of fake owners of online businesses. These are glamorous young women from powerful families, whose greatest asset is that they are experts in the art of massaging the egos of powerful men, and have extremely powerful friends. The unscrupulous internet companies falsely claim that they own an online business, when they are not involved in the business in any way. These women will never pay a single penny towards the bills, but will falsely claim credit.
These young women (and the gang that hides behind them) will never be able to operate the bank account of the business, or conduct any transaction, because they are not authorised to (ther real owner is someone else) , but being devoid of morals, they have no qualms boasting that they are owing the business. It is a reflection of the complete lack of morals and rampant corruption that these young women have many supporters, and get many introductions because of their blatantly false claims.
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