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In most professionally run organizations, merit, work ethic, knowledge and experience matter in determining the compensation an employee or contractor gets. After all experience, knowledge and work ethic determine the productivity of an employee to a very great extent. Sales and marketing are an exception to this generalisation.
However, it appears that for many internet companies, references and contacts are the only things that matter. So powerful people have no qualms giving fake references of experience, qualification, skills, investment to their friends and relatives, who they wish to promote. On the other hand, they will not only personally refuse to give references, they will also pressurise/coerce/threaten others not to give references to a deserving person who they are jealous of, hate and want to destroy her life.
People who are not from a privileged background are especially at a great disadvantage in countries like India, since powerful people will always want to protect their turf and ensure that all important jobs are reserved for their mediocre lazy liar friends and relatives who are their puppets. By making it difficult for a meritorious person to get references, these people will ensure that the person does not get the compensation or position he or she deserves.

Jealousy = a quick way to earn an engineering degree

Most engineers study hard to earn an engineering degree, but in recent years some glamorous cunning and greedy young women have discovered an easy way to get an engineering degree. They become friends of powerful men, who are engineers and are extremely jealous of their female batchmate. These jealous men will do everything possible to insult, humiliate and destroy the life of their hardworking and experienced batchmate. One way to do this is to steal the lucrative assignments which their batchmate should get. They do this by giving false references to their glamorous young girlfriend, claiming she has an engineering degree and many years of experience. So these glamorous young women get an "engineering degree" which they do not really have, because of the jealousy of powerful persons.
So next time, anyone comes across an engineer with two decades experience officially, but who looks suspiciously young, don't trust these claims blindly, she could just be the glamorous young girlfriend of a jealous powerful person, out to humiliate his deserving batchmate. These extremely powerful officials can waste infinite tax payer money, to put experienced webmasters under surveillance, and then falsely claim that these mediocre lazy liar cheater young women have the experience, qualification, investment of a very honest hardworking webmaster, engineer and domain investor. Photos of the inexperienced lazy young bsc stalker, cheater greedy diploma holder from goa, who powerful officials claim to be experienced webmasters, domain investors, engineers, can be provided to any company or individual who has been duped, Spend time speaking to her, check if she really has the degree and experience she claims to have, a few questions can easily expose the lies and fake claims. Due to the rampant corruption in India, these glamorous cunning and greedy young women have been given great powers and no one exposes their fake claims.
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