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This is a review of Indian work at home websites, which pay Indian users in Indian Rupees. When payment is received through Paypal by the owner of, glamorous young women with powerful friends and relatives, will falsely claim credit for the work, and get lucrative assignments and introductions, without spending a single penny or doing any work. It is a measure of the rampant corruption in India today, that these cruel greedy young women are given great powers.
To test these websites for authenticity, user accounts have been created on these websites, though payout levels have not been reached.
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Despite being very experienced and a major investor in the indian internet sector, the online publisher has faced discrimination, harassment, cheating and exploitation with nothing in writing as the cowardly dishonest officials do not have any proof, which leave most people shocked at the extreme greed, lack of humanity, corruption and nepotism in the indian internet sector. These dishonest unethical corporates have had powerful greedy corrupt government offficials in the indian internet sector steal the retirement savings of twenty years of the engineer and online publisher to blackmail her,waste her time searching for her hard earned money , These greedy officials get a government salary yet they illegally steal the savings of a harmless single woman engineer without a court order.
Bangalore cybercrime has refused to take action against the mediocre greedy cheater housewife from bangalore nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, a former tata power employee, who has cheated the publisher of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, to build a new house in bangalore despite providing all proof. More details are available at Powerful officials are also allegedly falsely claiming websites are owned by their lazy greedy cheater good looking friends diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,bsc sunaina from goa and others when these fraud cunning young woman do not spend a single paisa on the website expenses, yet greedily claim credit.
Any advertising opportunities or donation for this website or any other website in the network will be greatly appreciated , advertisers can pay whatever they can afford, even Rs 5 will be accepted with an online acknowledgement . Any payment that actually reaches the publisher, instead of the greedy well connected good frauds frauds listed above will be reflected on the website . Please send an email to, and Proof can be provided for all the allegation
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