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'I want to work from home, please send details'

This is the most common email we receive from visitors to our website . If  you want to work from home in India (or any South Asian country like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines), you have 2 options

1. You can start your own home based computer business. You may not earn much initially. After your business becomes established, you will earn a regular income with very little effort

Earn money by writing on your favorite subject - no investment, regular payments - open worldwide - if  you have some work experience in any field, this is most suitable or are very knowledgeable about any topic. You will receive payment in Indian rupees or US $. Payment is very regular based on our personal experience.

Online work at home - selling on auction websites, web design, internet advertising

How to start selling on eBay with no upfront cost


2. You can work for companies or individuals from home

a. You can bid for work at an online freelance marketplace like Getafreelancer or Rentacoder . For most projects posted 50-100 bidders will quote very low rates, so your chances of getting work are low, initially. You may get some work after trying for 3-4 months. However, there are thousands of projects posted here but most are related to website design . Also you can ask for payment to made through these companies. After you complete work satisfactorily, payment will be released to you. At any time, more than 2000 projects are posted on this website. Most of the jobs are related to software/web design.

b. We have posted latest work at home jobs on this website, with email addresses. You will have to send your resume by email directly  to the employer. If you are too lazy to even APPLY for the jobs, you are unlikely to earn any money by working from home.

Many of the jobs are suitable for students, housewives  or if you have little experience. we have further categorised these jobs

Data entry, copy paste work at home jobs

Data conversion, Excel , Access, PowerPoint, MS Office work at home jobs

Medical, legal and general transcription work at home jobs

CAD, drafting, 3d modeling design freelance and outsourced jobs

Freelance writing, technical writing jobs

Online education jobs, tuitions, test preparation

Website design jobs, HTML

Graphic design jobs, logo design, illustrations            


The person posting the job will receive many applications. In order to increase your chances of getting a high paying work at home job,  please read  Guidelines for applying for work at home jobs

If selected, you will be paid directly by the person offering work.

We are constantly adding new jobs to this section, so check our website regularly

Latest work from home jobs

For any query , feedback or suggestion, or  wish to share your experience with us, please post on our message board

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