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For most work at home jobs, listed on this website, the email address of the employer is available. You have to send your   resume to the employer directly by email. While applying for a work at home job is similar to a usual office job , there are certain major differences  which you will  have to consider.

1)  The company or person you are sending your resume / bio- data is usually staying in USA/UK/Canada and other countries where English is the first language. The language and culture in those countries is different from that in India. We have also observed that the English written communication skills are poor in India due to the coaching class culture in large cities. Most students spend time in front of the TV instead of  reading books/magazines which could improve their English. Incorrect English grammar and spelling will automatically disqualify you from the job, the employer will not even bother to reply back when you send your resume.

2) When you send your resume for an office job, your aim is to be called for the interview. However, for a work at home job, you will be selected mainly on the basis of what you include in your resume. You should maximize the  information provided. Additionally, the employer may seek clarifications through email, Skype, IM/Yahoo messenger .


The resume format is important and you should highlight your knowledge of software packages, programming knowledge and other skills relevant to the job. Many employers use a resume scanning software to check for keywords and only shortlist relevant resume.

Your resume should include the following section

1. Career objectives

2. Overview or summary

3. Employment history and past experience

4. Educational qualification

5. Other Related Interests

6. Contact information     More on writing resumes

You can also highlight the kind of internet connection you have, since some jobs require large files to be uploaded and many Indian ISPs charge per MB. Airtel and Tata Indicom offer unlimited data transfer in some areas in India.

Most foreign employers are not  interested in your fathers name, marital status, caste, fathers occupation, so please omit these details, if you wish to create a favorable impression. Check for spelling mistakes and send the resume by email, with a suitable cover letter . The resume should be sent either as a text file or MS Word document which can be easily opened.


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If you are suitable for the job, the employer will revert back to you. If you do not receive a response within 2 weeks, you can send a polite reminder, to check if the resume has been received by the employer. Many times, emails do not reach the recipient, due to server problems or are put in the spam folder.

For any query , feedback or suggestion, or  wish to share your experience with us, please send an  email 

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