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eBay India is one of the few genuine work at home opportunities available in India.
The below article was written in February 2006 and has been retained for archival purpose. For buying and selling on eBay based on practical experience in 2010, please check the 2 separate articles on buying on eBay and selling on eBay. More information on Ecommerce in India is also available separately.
eBay is India's largest online marketplace with 1.7 million registered users from 240 cities in in India (as of February 2006) . It is a risk free method to start earning from home since you receive payment even before you send the goods to the customer.

One of  the common questions asked by visitors to this website is we do not have any product of our own, how can we start selling? Here is a step by guide to earn money  by selling to buyers who will pay in advance, even if you have no "contacts" with traders, manufacturers, wholesalers

1. To sell, you should be a registered user with eBay.  Join eBay  

a. You will have to enter your basic contact information like name, address, telephone number

b. Enter your email address which will be used for receiving all communications.  Choose a reliable email service which has large mailbox size, so that you do not miss any mail.. We have found that Gmail is fairly reliable, and you can download email messages to your computer.    Request a free Gmail invite

You can change your email at a later date also

c. Agree to terms and conditions and create an eBay user ID and password. Also select a secret question and password, to retrieve your account, in case you forget your password later

d. Click on the confirmation code provided in the activation email to become a registered user of  eBay. 

e. Before selling, you should bid on a few items posted , to get an idea of how online auctions and sales work. Many expensive products  are are available for  as low as Rs 100, so you can bid at  a low price. If you win you get products at a low price, if you lose, you do not have to pay anything. If you are selling for the first time, eBay will ask you to verify  yourself . They will either send the confirmation code by SMS to your mobile phone, by entering your credit card number or they will send the security confirmation code by post.


2. eBay has section where  buyers can post their requirements - products which are hard to find in India. This section on eBay is called " Want  it Now"  and consists of the following categories:

Apparel & Accessories
Beauty & Health
Bollywood Memorabilia
Books & Magazines
Cameras & Optics
Cars & Bikes
Coins & Stamps
Computers & Peripherals
Consumer Electronics
Fitness and Sports
Home, Tools & Appliances
Jewellery & Watches
Mobiles & Accessories
Movies & Music
Musical Instruments
Services & Real Estate
Toys, Games & Baby
Travel, Tickets & Vouchers
Video Games
Everything Else
These buyers have probably spent a lot of  time searching in nearby shops, so they will be happy to pay a little extra if you are able to supply the products they are want to buy. You should select the product category you are familiar with.


3. For some products, like books and magazines, may be available and lying unused in your house.  You can also check in the neighbouring "raddhi" shop. Most people in your neighborhood, will dispose of  their  old books and magazine for Rs 4-5 per kg and the "raddhiwala" will let you purchase the book or magazine you want for Rs 5-10. You can also check prices of  products from websites like  Indian prices or  Indian price lists and accordingly  place offers

Another source of  products in demand are neighbors who are renovating their house and wish to discard all the old stuff in their house. They usually give it to their servant, you can offer to sell it for a small amount.

You should set the price taking into consideration  your profit  margin, cost of book and courier charges 


4. After the buyer  finalizes the order, you should reply to buyer queries promptly. After you receive payment, the goods should be dispatched promptly. You should ask the buyer to rate your service. A positive rating will help you get more orders in future.

5. After you have sold more than 4 items on eBay and receive satisfactory feedback, you can register as a Trade Assistant on eBay. You will be listed in the Trade Assistant directory free and will be contacted  for help by manufacturers and traders interested in selling their product. You can then charge a fee for selling on their behalf.

If  you have any query , feedback or suggestion, or  wish to share your experience with us, please send an  email 

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