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For the projects displayed below from  RentaCoder , there is no initial payment to be made, you will have post your best offer  for the the project. Registration is FREE for GetaFreeLancer and after you complete the work as agreed, the payment is deposited in your account, which you can withdraw anytime. List of all open projects at GetaFreelancer are listed below. Since the list is very large, it may take some time to open the page.  GetaFreelancer case study

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For projects at GetaFreelancer, you pay only if you win the bid.  GetaFreelancer has a larger proportion of projects on data entry and data conversion. Bidding on these projects is very competitive. If you are presently working only on data entry projects, you should consider learning basics of web design and programming languages like PHP, Perl .  The number of projects on available is more, there is less competition and the value of the projects is much higher. How to build a website

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