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 We have daily load shedding for more than 3 hours, so that people in other areas of  Mumbai can stay in air-conditioned comfort.  Since this affects my work schedule badly , I decided to purchase a  UPS /Inverter. About  3 weeks back, I learnt  that Godrej SmartCare was selling a UPS/inverter , with 2 years warranty.  The promotional material said that by using the UPS, you "could continue working on your PC"  even when there is no electricity.  When I  went to see the UPS/inverter demo, I found out that it  was an APC  UPS. I was told that Godrej was marketing the UPS and the APC logo would soon be replaced by Godrej Smart Care and it would be renamed Voltz. Troubleshoot and fix your computer problems

Since IT product dealers in Mumbai are generally not very reliable, I paid for the UPS/Inverter by cheque and got the inverter delivered the same day. The inverter/UPS  was a Home appliances and lighting  UPS , model no. HI800SQ, rating  800VA, 500W. It comes with a flat type battery 6UPS 100F ( from Amco)  and a trolley for placing the battery. The UPS itself is quite light, about 7 kg in weight. The trolley has the label of  Godrej Smart Care, but I have only interacted with APC so far.

 I was told that some one would install the UPS within 2 day , but  after a lot of follow-up,  the inverter was installed in 3 days. APC has outsourced the installation of the UPS, the engineer was from Choice Consultants, Vikhroli. Since I only wanted to use it as a backup for my computer UPS , installation was quite simple. The battery output is connected to inverter input using the cables provided. In most houses, the additional wiring for the UPS is complicated since wires from devices likes fans, have to be connected to the UPS and a provision for switching between mains and UPS made.

  I was planning to connect the output of the inverter to the input of the backup UPS ES 500 from APC which I had purchased more than 2 years back . The engineer had come for installation when there was no electricity. When the output of the inverter (HI800SQ) was connected to the  UPS input,  a clicking sound (relay chattering) was heard. I was told that this was because the inverter output is not a pure sine wave. I have asked at least 5 people  from APC, their service engineer and dealer , but they are not able to confirm whether SQ stands for  Square ware or  Quasi Sine wave. On the internet , there is very little information available , whether this type of  inverter can be used safely to power the SMPS of  a computer. I wish Godrej would check the technically correct facts before misleading their customers. My computers cost more than the UPS and I do not want to risk damaging my hard disk and losing  important data.

When electricity was available, the inverter would suddenly switch to battery mode for 15 seconds every half an hour, with a beeping sound . This was very irritating , especially at night. I complained to APC (toll free no. 1 800 4254 272) and they replaced the inverter within a day.  When there is no electricity, you should put the inverter in the "away" mode to conserve the battery. When there is electricity, switch the inverter to "home" mode, since in away mode, charging is slower.

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Liebert (Emersongroup) has also been advertising a backup UPS of  600 VA, 22 minutes battery backup. I was told by their sales staff  that it accepts a square wave input. I asked for an email confirmation and they have only confirmed that it is suitable for generator output.  Luminous and Sukam (Su-kam) are other power inverter manufacturers, but they do not seem to be selling their product in Mumbai, only in the suburbs like Thane, Kalyan, Navi Mumbai which also suffer from load shedding.  The Su-Kam inverters have a output range starting from 5KVA, suitable for load shedding for longer durations 6-7 hours. They claim that the output is pure sine wave, which is better for electronic equipment. However, it will have a lower efficiency compared to square wave or quasi sine wave inverters . Most of the power inverter manufacturers are from Delhi, which has a long history of load shedding .


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