review Home is an Indian freelance website which has positioned itself as an alternative to foreign websites like Elance, and Odesk. Though these foreign websites have a large number of Indian users, they often treat Indian users very unfairly, even when these users are promoting the website. For example, we had earlier promoted Getafreelancer (before it became, through its affiliate program, and sent a large number of referrals. However, they conveniently stopped tracking the referrals on their website. There are many other stories of how Indian user accounts have been disabled without giving a valid reason, thus Indian users lose money.

One of the best features of is the website design, as it is very well designed and easy to use. The website loads very quickly. A user can bid for the projects posted on the website and also post projects on the website. While there are few checks for bidding on projects, the user profile has to be completed before posting a project. A user of the website can bid for up to 20 projects in a month free. In case the user wishes to bid for more projects, they have to purchase additional bids. The website has a large number of projects, most of the projects are in the IT/programming category and content writing. There are large number of bidders for most content writing projects - usually more than 20 per project. In contrast, for marketing and sales category, there are very few bidders, and it is relatively easy to convert the bid to atleast an enquiry.

A user of can also post projects in any one of the many categories for free, depending on the requirement, and they can specify the budget available and also the time span within which the order will be finalized. However, the admin of the website manually approves the project, before it goes live, probably to ensure to prevent the website from being spammed. It has observed that some of bids are not very relevant, the bidders do not bother to read the requirement of the requester before posting a project. Many of the bidders are also providing their contact details in the bid, which indicates that rules are not being implemented strictly. A notification is received by email, every time a bid is placed. 2 marketing related projects were posted on the website, and less than 5 responses were received till date.

Most Indian online business owners, who do not have a Google Adsense account, receive payment through Paypal, but are subjected to repeated identity theft attempts by glamorous young women with powerful friends and relatives who wish to falsely claim credit , when they are not contributing to the business in any way. Due to the rampant corruption in India, such cruel greedy young women are given great powers and hardworking webmasters like the owner of are subjected to endless exploitation. However, these greedy young women are not interested in Indian websites, so could be a feasible alternative for Indian business owners who are tired of the daily harassment and persecution that receiving payments through Paypal entails.

Though the user interface and design take care of almost all the requirements of a user, the quality of the projects posted as well as bids could definitely be improved. There are a large number of small business owners in India, who find it difficult to find reliable business help, and they would definitely be interested in using a third party platform, with payment in Indian rupees. This website has not been marketed well, unlike foreign websites which are marketed very aggressively to owners of work at home websites. There is no affiliate program, only an option to invite Facebook and Gmail contacts. Similarly there should be better quality control for the bids placed on the websites. It is a promising website, and updates will be posted periodically. List of people to be avoided

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