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Your  sales , earnings or income from any advertising program will depend, to a large extent, on the number of visitors to your website. In general, greater the number of visitors, higher your revenue. The number of visitors will also depend on the subject of  your website and how often you update your website . If you post regularly, your website is likely to get more traffic from search engines   Also topics like  film stars, sports (cricket, Sania), TV shows (Indian Idol) are more popular.   Finance, stock markets, medical and healthcare related topics also pay well. If your website provides useful information to visitors, it is likely to become more popular.

After you complete building your  website, you should submit your website to major search engines .  For the first 2-3 months, you may not not get much traffic to your website as your website will not be listed in major search engines. To increase traffic to your blog, you can use PPC programs like Google Adwords or Yahoo! Overture. Both programs have a signup fee of US$5.  Google Adwords is more suitable for Indian traffic and you can pay in Indian Rupees. You can either pay for each visitor to your website (PPC) , where each click costs a minimum of  US$0.01 or pay per impression (CPM) where the minimum rate is US$0.25 per thousand impressions.  Even an individual/small company can also advertise on most large  websites like the  Times of India (Indiatimes), Indian Express and Outlook at very low rates , compared to other  advertising media.  

Another way to increase website traffic is by posting your website details in relevant forums and free classified websites. You can join most forums for free, you only need an email address. You can also post any specific question you have on these forums, usually experienced people will help you out, on how to increase traffic. If you have your own website, you can monitor your website traffic in real time using AWstats . Most forums also allow you to include a link to your website in your signature.  You can also exchange links with other related websites in the same category, though this could harm your rankings in some search engines like Google. Listing in relevant directories and websites are the best way to get interested visitors to your website. Contests which offer attractive prizes will also increase traffic to your website.

For a website related to a city or town , you can advertise locally at a low cost. Most local newspapers are happy to publish write-ups on city related website. Other advertising methods are through signs on buses, radio and local websites.  For manufactured products, participate in trade shows and send details to the trade section of consulates and embassies    

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