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I have experimented with 5 Indian web hosting companies - my websites were actually hosted with them. I must have also contacted 30-40 companies to check their offers. I have concluded that most Indian hosting companies are grossly overpriced, technically incompetent and offer poor service.  I am sharing my experience with these companies, so that you do not face the problems I did. Names of these companies are available on request

1. Company 1 - Network Solution Reseller - also sells Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services at very high prices

 first year pricing for domain name registration + 10 MB Linux Hosting  -  Rs 1200 , 

second year pricing for domain name registration + 10 MB Linux Hosting  -  Rs 12000 , (by bargaining reduced price to Rs 3000).

Provides control panel access, but when you FTP to server, you can see all the other websites hosted on their server


2.  Company 2 - Network Solution Reseller - tricks you into giving up control of your domain name.

 first year pricing for domain name registration + 10 MB Linux Hosting  -  Rs 2000 , 

second year pricing for domain name registration + 10 MB Linux Hosting  -  Rs 2000 , (for additional 10MB spaces price is Rs 1500).

Does not provide control panel access, no customer support on weekends and holidays. Your name is shown as the registrant in the Netsol Whois, but you cannot access the control panel . If the server is down on weekends, and you want to change the name server through the control panel , you have to send a fax to Network Solutions in USA , requesting them to make the changes or give you control panel access to your domain name


3. Company 3 - Directi (now Resellerclub) Reseller - the worst of the lot . takes payment for domain name registration , but does not provide control panel access. The worst part of their service, in the Alexa information for the website, they register themselves as owners of the website. One of  their frustrated customers has made a webpage " My opinion of  G*** " 

They suddenly changed the server for hosting the websites , without notifying me. I lost all my Webaliser webstat data

On their new server, a website which was consistently showing 300-400 page views daily started showing 30-40 page daily

The number of page views in my Adsense statistics (which are usually less than those shown by web statistics packages like Awstats and Webalizer) was 200-300 page views per day and remained  constant for the period.

When I complained to them, I was told by their  CEO that 30-40 page views per days was "very good" and there was no problem with their server.

Now I realise that this was because the server logs were rotated before the cron job for Webalizer was executed

Their server was down almost every day. When I sent them the  host tracker notifications, I was  told that I could "upgrade" to a more reliable server for an additional fee.

They refused to give a control panel for one of my domain names. Only after raising numerous support tickets with Directi, could I regain control of  one of  my websites.

For the other website, they put a reseller lock on the domain name, and refused to respond to my repeated emails, requesting them to remove the reseller lock. Finally I had to fax the form specified  by Directi and all supporting documents .Fortunately, DirectI transferred the domain name to my control panel within 12 hours, after the fax was sent on a Saturday night.

Directi offers domain name registration at much lower rates than Network Solution, hence rates were lower 2-3 years back.

 first year pricing for domain name registration + 10 MB Linux Hosting  -  Rs 1175 , 

second year pricing for domain name registration + 10 MB Linux Hosting  -  Rs 1175 , (server is down for days, ).


Even though the Indian media hypes India as a "IT superpower", based on my personal experience, few Indian companies even bother to provide you to close to 99% uptime for web hosting. Once my website was down for 10 hours, when I contacted the hosting company, I was told "yeh to hota hai".  If you earn a reasonable amount from your websites, it is advisable to purchase hosting on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) , with unlimited domains on a foreign web hosting company. 

You can also install software on the server yourself. Setting up/installing software on a VPS is simple if  you have a technical background or are willing to learn . You will have near total control of resources . Check if they actually own the data center  where the website is hosted.

The only disadvantage is that maintenance is carried out at night US time, which will be daytime in India and Asia.

 Most reputed foreign data centers  provide 24/7 technical support. They do not have 4 day holidays for Diwali like Indian companies, when nobody can help you, even if your website is down for 3 days.

If  you have any query , feedback or suggestion, or  wish to share your experience with us, please send an  email 

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