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ViewBestAds is one of the more lucrative paid to view ads website. The website is very well designed and easy to use. Users creating an account have Rs 200 credited to account immediately. Though it promises users Rs 5 per day to login, there are certain constraints. They have specified that user perform certain tasks such as
1. View ads
2. Read positive news
3. Play quiz, minimum 10 questions per day
Only if these tasks are completed, the user account will be credited. The Rs 5 is not credited to the account immediately, but after a month or so. Users who answer the quiz questions corrected are credited a small amount immediately.
The minimum balance needed for payout is Rs 1200, which will take some time for most users. However, the business model of the website is not clear, it is difficult to understand how the website makes money when users read positive news or answer quiz questions.
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