Risks of working at home in India

One of the undocumented risks of working online is identity theft

The real owner of pcworkathome.in is a single lady, never married , of age 40, who has worked hard to save money for her old age.
However, she has been subjected to defamation, blackmail and extortion by powerful well connected people.
while travelling, her laptop, external HDD and other possessions were stolen by this gang.
Currently 3 laptops owned by her are hacked and are non-functional.
The people harassing her are ensuring that she does not get customer support , even though some of the laptops are under warranty.
Webhosting accounts also were hacked , but she managed to regain control.
An attempt was also made to steal the Ebay account.

The people harassing her are experts in spreading lies, rumour mongering and creating an illusion that they control this website, when they are not associated with this website in any way. However, they have managed to remain anonymous till date. If anyone can provide information about the identity of these people to pr@useful.in , we will be happy to compensate you for the information.

Another risk of working online is the lack of interaction, with fraud hackers getting credit for work that they have never done. The computers and laptops of unsuspecting internet users are hacked, and they are blamed for activities which they are not involved in. offline if you pay /work with any person they will at least be able to offer some advice or help when their employer is facing a problem. Unfortunately online, the freelancers are fronts for powerful people , who will take your money, and abandon the person helping them at the time of crisis ( which was probably caused bcause the freelancers were paid well).

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