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'I want to work from home, please send payment details' or  'How will I get paid?'

Almost everyone who is looking for work from home wants to know this. The payment mode will depend on the kind of work you choose to do. Please note that we are not associated with any company offering work.

1. If you get work  through online freelance marketplaces like GetaFreelancer or RentaCoder, these websites protect the buyer and sellers interests through an escrow system. After you are selected for the project, the buyer deposits the amount in the escrow account.  After the project has been completed successfully the amount is released into your account with the website. You can then withdraw the amount into your bank account in India or any other country through check, PayPal , Moneybookers or any other option specified.  These websites can charge a substantial amount for withdrawal which varies from  US$1 to US$18 . 


2. For  websites which are approved for Google Adsense, after the earnings in your account  exceed  US$100, you will be sent a check through post or courier (at an extra charge of US$25). If  you have a foreign currency account in US$ , you can opt to receive payment in US$ but usually  payment in Indian Rupees is more convenient. Google has been sending payment regularly for more than 2 years to all Adsense account holders who follow their terms and conditions.

Starting Google Adsense - no investment, regular payments


3. If you apply for the work at home jobs posted on our website, you will have to finalize payment terms for each job with your employer. For about 50% of the jobs posted, especially in transcription and online education, the employer is located in India. You can either meet personally or finalize payment terms on phone. Most companies will not pay in advance to new vendors. Initially you can ask for payment as soon as a few days work is completed. If the employer is satisfied with your work, you can decide on a mutually convenient payment schedule.

Larger companies which outsource work like Datamatics for data conversion and Acusis for medical transcription have a track record of  making payments to their home based vendors who do quality work. They usually have a fixed payment schedule.  Certain taxes like service tax may be deducted at source (TDS) from the payment due to you.

If you are dealing directly with small foreign companies, you have to take certain precautions. You should ask for reference or companies in India with whom they have worked earlier. You can also check their credit history and past record through search engines. Due to complicated government rules, money transfer to India can be expensive with a lot of paper work for small amounts. You should carefully select the best option after considering all factors.

Receiving payment from foreign countries

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