Though internet users can get paid for reading news, the payment is very less, $0.03 or less for 40 pages. Alternately they can get paid for visiting websites and clicking ads using Get paid to visit. Typically the user will have to open only five to ten pages, click on one ad, paste the information in the box provided. The user will be paid $0.03 for each task which is completed. There are a large number of clients who are willing to pay people for testing their website, at any time, there are 800 or more websites available, which are paying members to visit their website.

The other simple task which is available in voting on Reddit. The user can open a free account on Reddit. In some cases, the account should be more than 7 days old, so those want to make quick money should open their Reddit account at the earliest and make some posts. Reddit also has a good online money making section, with details of the various money making websites available.

Internet users with a twitter account can also get paid for following, retweeting, liking. This is usually the easiest work which is available for those who want to make money. For al the work, it is important to consider the time which is required to do the task, and twitter work will take the least time. The tasks are usually rated within 7 days. Some social media promotion work is also available, creation of Instagram, gmail account.

Like other get paid websites, there is also a Signup section, where members will get paid for registering on the various websites. The amount paid for signups will vary. Registering will help to find out the best affiliate programs at present. Like other sections, the user will have to provide proof of registration at the website, usually the confirmation mail or in some cases screenshots,

The minimum payout for withdrawal is $5, through Paypal, Skrill, Airtm and Litecoin.

Kindly note that the domain investor has not received any payment from this website, it is under review. It is recommended mainly because it has a very large number of tasks available making it easier to reach payout, compared to most other GPT websites which have very less work. This is posted mainly to test their affiliate program.

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