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Most computer users use their computer for CPU intensive tasks for only a few hours a day. Most of the time the laptop/CPU remains idle. Increasingly, it is possible to utilize this free CPU time so that it can be rented to companies which will the combine the power of multiple CPUs to form a supercomputer, to perform complex calculations. While Gomez Peer is the oldest and probably the most widely used website, which offers users payment for using their computer and internet connection, it is not very easy to get approved for Gomez Peer. They insist that users first download the software, without expecting payment.

Rublik is another website which pays users to run their software on their computer. The user can download the software and install it on their computer. When the computer is connected to the internet, the task will be assigned to the CPU and this will be completed when the CPU is idle
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Rublik - Use your idle computer to make money

The main advantage of using Rublik is the low minimum payout. Another alternative to Rublik is IPU services, but the minimum payout is high at $50. A major disadvantage of using a program with a low payout, is that it is easy to check if the website is a scam or not. For programs with a high minimum payout, it can be months or years before the minimum payout is reached. It is advisable to use this program on a computer where no critical data is stored on the hard disk.

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