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Business model, payments for paid to login websites

There are a number of websites that pay users just to login. After login, the visitor may do some additional activity or just leave the website. Most people using Google Adsense will not be able to understand the business model, but the website owner can earn some profits, if their operational expenses are low.
The business model of these websites is discussed below. Though most advertisers and businesses, use PPC advertising like Google Adwords, for many advertisers this is a very expensive option. These advertisers have a limited budget. They only interested in increasing the awareness level for the product or service they are selling. So these paid to login websites will display the advertisement to the website members as soon as they login.
Many paid to login websites use multiple advertising networks, which pay per unique visitor every 24 hours to whom the ad is displayed.So by combining these ad networks and direct advertisers, it is possible for a paid to login website to break even. Please note that most of these websites do not exist

Ultoo - website pays 10 paisa a day for login, recharge proof available
Ultoo - website pays 20 paisa a day for login, under review
Paid to login Get paid to login , monetized by watching interstitial ads. Minimum payout $0.01 through Perfect Money, $0.1 through Paypal, problems faced in redemption through PerfectMoney
PaisaLive - website pays 10 paisa for login, there seems to be an ownership change

EarnTM - website pays 10 paisa a day for login, seems to have a webhosting problem
After registration, the user account is immediately credited with a joining bonus . Instead of using search engines to find new websites, this is a good way to find new websites and also get paid for visiting the websites. Search engines earn their revenues, when their visitors check out the websites listed, but they keep the money with themselves and have huge profits. The search engines also send some users manipulated results based on the visitor profile which can be very irritating.
This website has a large number of offers daily, and pays users to login every day. Most of the major advertisers in the country seem to be using this website, it appears to be cheaper than Google Adwords for getting visitors to a website for certain high PPC categories. Currently most advertisers are ecommerce and tech websites, there are few websites from other categories. More money is paid for visiting 5 pages or 10 pages of some of the advertiser websites and for registering with the advertiser websites, though this is time consuming. The minimum payout is relatively higher, and is sent through cheque after a payout request is made. This website is still under review, and no payment proof is available till date. .

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