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The exploitation of online writers has been described in great detail in the article, but the persecution is a fraction of the persecution faced by online publishers in India. Once the revenues of an online publisher in India are known, the person does not stand a chance of leading a normal life, especially if the revenues are high, more than $500-$1000 a month. Many powerful well connected people think that it is their birthright to force the online publisher to sell his or her website to them for a pittance.
Alternately, these powerful people think nothing is wrong in abusing their powers to force them to form a company with their relative or friend, who is a lazy arrogant puppet. While this arrangement may be suitable for young people who have no experience, forcing an experienced webmaster to form a company, with a stranger who does not even respect the experience webmaster , is a very unfair arrangement.
Tax payer money is wasted to put the online publisher under surveillance for years, many online publishers are under so much pressure, that they think twice about providing their correct address in their whois details. If the correct address is provided and the webmaster/online publisher is not well connected, the following problems are faced.
1. False accusations of payment without proof, character assasination. This makes it difficult to even leave the house, or meet new people, as it greatly enhances the risk of being targetted with false accusations.
2. Use of directed energy weapons to ruin the health of the online publisher, causing headaches, insomnia, memory loss
3. Denial of important information to domain investors, who are stake holders because of the money they spend. This information is readily provided to the friends and relatives of powerful people, who do not spend a single penny. In a way this is nepotism of the worst kind, as the online publishers wastes huge amounts and results in loss of reputation.
4. Powerful shameless people falsely claiming that the payments are made by their friends and relatives, who are actually not spending a single penny or doing any work. Unfortunately all foreign internet companies rely on these powerful liars for information on Indian webmasters, and there is no transparency, the webmaster will find it difficult to get information on the lies and rumours that are spread.
5. The cowards who make false accusations against an innocent webmaster are never willing to openly discuss the allegations in a forum or any place where both sides can be heard, there are always 2 sides of a story. Just because a greedy liar with a powerful backer is convincingly making allegations against a webmaster, it does not mean that the liar is telling the truth. There are many very confident and glamorous liars and cheaters, while many innocent people may be humble and modest. In fact, a cheater is more likely to be glamorous, a flirt and a sweet talker because only then will he or she be able to convince others into parting their money, without offering anything in return.

In fact few write about the problems faced by online publishers, as it is criticized as "negative news". However, this blatant exploitation is unprecedented elsewhere, and it inhibits the growth of the internet sector as a whole.

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