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In USA, in every hospital or doctor , all  patient-related activity and procedure must be accurately documented and added to the patient's permanent record. Since doctors often do not have time to manually update the medical records, verbal dictation is widely used for  reporting the results of medical examinations and procedures.  The process of converting this voice dictation to a written format  is called medical transcription.

Medical transcription involves receiving doctors verbal dictation by tape or voice file, using earphones, a foot pedal for start stop control and a word processing program. In 1999, there were 2,000 medical transcription companies in India. But due to the poor quality of  their service, many companies lost all their customers. Most companies did not train their staff properly. Most companies who do the transcription in offices , pay only a fixed salary.

Earlier most medical transcription work in India was done from office, but now Indian companies have started encouraging home based medical transcription. Some companies allow home based transcription , only after the individual has reached a certain level of proficiency.  For those who work from home, pay is directly proportionate to productivity. Transcriptionists who work from home are paid on the basis of speed and accuracy. Most large medical transcription companies pay from 60 paisa to Rs.1.25 per line depending on the accuracy and productivity. Any company which offers to pay at much higher rates is likely to be a scam

Some  medical transcription companies require security deposits of around Rs. 10,000 . In companies, which allow work from home, the deposit is usually non-refundable, because the company installs  licensed software in the Home based Medical Transcriptionist's computer . Others refund the deposit amount after you work with them for some time. 

Major medical transcription companies in India offering home based medical transcription

Acusis India  (online test available at their website) - offices in Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram and New Delhi

Infovision  (refundable deposits) - Mumbai and Kolkatta

Spryance - Chennai and Mumbai     Application form for home based medical transcription

HealthScribe  - Bangalore

Other medical transcription companies

Mode of operation: Own centers and franchisees
Presence in India : Hyderabad, Mumbai (with Godrej), Bangalore
Website: www.cbaysystems.com

Mode of operation: Own center, JV
Presence in India: Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore
Website: www.heartlandis.com


Focus Infosys
Mode of operation: Own centers
Website: www.focusmt.com


Service tax is now applicable for Medical transcription with effect from 1 March, 2006. However if gross earnings are less than 4 lakh, you are exempt from service tax.

Home based transcription jobs

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