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Legal work at home for paralegal

Private investigator and lawyer needed urgently.
Looking for legal assistance to file a cheating case against Nayanshree Hathwar, wife of Guruprasad Hathwar(working in Tata Power according to his Linkedin profile), Chiguru, , Bangalore. Proof of payments made to her can be provided. Bangalore cybercrime refuses to reply to emails with all proof of her cheating, allegedly due to the protection of some powerful officials and corporates for her fraud, who allegedly falsely claim that she an experienced engineer, when she actually has no engineering experience or qualification
The ungrateful nayanshree hathwar and her associates have looted a single woman entrepreneur of her hard earned money, and are not replying to any mails or SMSes now. Information about her association with Puneet joshi , is also appreciated. She was staying at Military Road, Marol, Mumbai earlier. The main concern is assistance to take legal action to prevent people from making false claims and misusing name of webmaster, stealing privileges, assignments, and causing problems. Lady lawyer preferred, preferably with contacts in the US and Bangalore, so that a thorough investigation can be conducted. If any one of the individuals involved wish to have the ad removed, please provide the necessary information and this ad will be removed.

We are looking for a paralegal for the following work:
Investigate missing laptop, documents and trace persons making defamatory allegations
Send legal notices to ISPs, individuals making the allegations.
File cases in the US small claims courts.
Any assistance/help in tracing the person/documents will be appreciated.
We are willing to pay a large amount to permanently fix this problem.

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