UPDATED May 2022
The internet sector is almost completely controlled by US companies and they are very ruthless in blocking payment for investors who they do not like, often stealing the affiliate income and advertising revenues for some domain investors, online publishers, especially from india. So the domain investor is only recommending indian companies, since she wasted her time,lost money trying the various online money making websites. Most newspaper advertisers are genuine companies who have orders.
Work from home in well established company
From newspaper advertisement
Reputed company offers work from home for
Retired people
others who want to work from home and earn extra money at their own convenience

HSC passed
Basic Internet knowledge
English communication
Eligible individuals will have to attend online training program for 15 days which is compulsory

Walkin interview: 11.00 am to 6 pm
Location: Mumbai
For exact address, and email of the company, please email your resume in text format to
Other companies interested in finding reliable people working at home, can send an email for a free listing

Please note that unlike the work at home fraudster government employees who have never spent any time working, yet get government salaries using stolen data making fake claims of paypal, bank account ownership, for real work at home, the worker has to spend 5-6 hours daily to get paid. This is usually better than working online, the domain investor has spent many hours, and is often never paid due to the corruption, nepotism and financial fraud in the indian internet sector.

Kindly note that greedy gujju stock trader amita patel featured in moneycontrol, hindu business line, haryana scammer mba hr ruchita kinge featured in peoplematters, employee of deloitte, goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, goan gsb architect kalpana nayak, indore robber housewife bespectacled deepika/veena, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, nikhil and other government employees are not associated with the website in any way, since they do not spend any money, do not do any computer work, yet get monthly government salary only for making fake claims in one of the greatest cybercrime, work at home frauds in india

Online defamatory videos are being used to block payment, work for some investors, writers, so it is not worth investing additional money.
Free Data entry jobs for Indians - no investment, no penalty, no court cases for mistakes

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The government refuses to update its records regarding domain ownership, paypal, online income, wastes taxpayer money paying monthly salaries to fraudsters for more than 7 years./ Despite being very experienced and a major domain investor in the indian internet sector, the online publisher has faced discrimination, harassment, cheating and exploitation with nothing in writing as the cowardly dishonest officials do not have any proof, which leave most people shocked at the extreme greed, lack of humanity, corruption and nepotism in the indian internet sector.

Any advertising opportunities or donation for this website or any other website in the network will be greatly appreciated , advertisers can pay whatever they can afford, even Rs 5 will be accepted with an online acknowledgement . Any payment that actually reaches the publisher, instead of the greedy well connected good frauds frauds listed above will be reflected on the website . Please send an email to, and Proof can be provided for all the allegations

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