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One of the little known facts about working online is the blatant exploitation of Indian writers, especially those who customers are abroad. Complete powers are given to cheaters and liars who have zero personal integrity. Nayanshree Hathwar, wife of Guruprasad Hathwar(working in Tata Power according to his Linkedin profile), Chiguru, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Nisarga Layout, Bangalore cheated a single woman business owner of her hard earned money. None of the articles submitted by her passed copyscape. Proof of payments made to her can be provided. All attempts to contact her have failed.

For this cheating Nayanshree Hathwar and the gang of cowards who hides behind her was rewarded with control of the popular writing website Iwriter.com . Nayanshree Hathwar is probably supported by Sameer Halepete of Nvidia. The reason why Iwriter is mentioned is because most other writing sites are not very effective. A few websites send their assignments by email, and these emails are again deleted by 5-6 hours, so it is difficult to do work. These assignments are rejected by giving flimsy excuses. Many writing websites only allow US residents to signup,limiting the choices available for Indian writers. For other writing websites, the application remains in the pending state.

Now Nayanshree Hathwar and her gang are abusing their ill gotten powers to harass contributors to Iwriter.com. The harassment method includes the following
1.Ensuring that only a limited number of articles are visible to writers.
2. Rejection of articles without reason - these articles are then used elsewhere, but the contributor does not get paid for the work.
3. Intentionally delaying the approval of articles or ask for unreasonable revisions
4. Ensuring that only a limited number of articles are visible
5. Falsely claiming that the work is done by Nayanshree Hathwar, and others like Kalpita Nabar, when their contribution is zero, just to steal lucrative privileges and assignments from the actual contributor.

Why is the business owner expected to keep quiet when cheated by Nayanshree Hathwar? Why is a cheater like Nayanshree Hathwar and her gang given so many privileges for no valid reason except contacts, and allowed to harass contributors?

Why is there is no redressal mechanism for Indian writers who are being exploited? The writers are contributing to the economy, through exports, yet why do some people have an unlimited license to treat them unfairly? Even employees of a company have a right to protest against blatant injustice, in this case, the writers are not even assured of an income online, yet they are subjected to exploitation and persecution by people who remain hidden to them.

In a country like India, with a high unemployment rate, online writing websites could be good source of income especially for those living in small towns and cities and contribute to export revenues. However, if it is controlled by people with little personal integrity, who are only interested in maximizing their own profit, and do not want to be held accountable for their behaviour, it results in a lot of resentment, and loss of revenues. Hence it is important to develop a system which is transparent, and all stakeholders will be treated fairly.

This article has been written based on reviews of one writing website. If there is any other writing website used by Indian writers, we will be interested in reviewing it further.

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