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Thousands of  Indians are earning money by working on outsourced computer projects from home .  

The income can be often more that of a regular  job. 

Newspapers have written about the money earned by freelancers in small towns as well metro cities in India. They have only mentioned RentaCoder, but  Indians regularly get projects from other marketplaces also like Elance and GetaFreelancer.

We have compiled a list of Top earners from India from these websites for comparison (as of November 2011)

Indians listed with Elance . There are more companies listed with offices in USA/UK and India.
SreeniConsultants (Hyderabad, Vizag, India)
Year Founded: 2002
Earnings (6 months): US$117,409
Earnings (All-time): US$231,704

Synapse Communications (synapseindia) New Delhi, India
Year Founded: 1994
Earnings (6 months): US$128,213
Earnings (All-time): US$1,229,927

Grey Matter India Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Maharashtra, Mumbai, India)
Year Founded: 2000
Earnings (6 months): US$170,285
Earnings (All-time): US$518,417

Indians earning with GetaFreeLancer  - Details of projects completed are available at the website
ShivShakti (indianelite INC)
Kolkatta , India
Average Pricing: $15/hour
Member Since: 08-22-2004

Delhi, India
Average Pricing: $15/hour
Member Since: 06-01-2004

Sparklin Innovations
New Delhi,India
Average Pricing: $31/hour
Member Since: 12-02-2004


Indians listed with RentaCoder - Details of projects completed, earnings are available at the website
Securenext Software
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Sign up date: May 9, 2002
Jobs Completed: 197

Buddies Infotech
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Sign up date: Jun 10, 2002
Jobs Completed: 200

Noida, Near New Delhi (NCR)
Sign up date: Sep 5, 2003
Jobs Completed: 286

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