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Email (or e-mail)  is an abbreviation of  Electronic mail, which is a method of composing, sending, storing and receiving messages over the internet or any electronic communication system. Email is the most widely used application on the internet and has reduced the cost of communication. How to get a free Gmail Invite

 Internet email consists of  2 major sections - header and body.  The email header usually consists of at least 4 fields :

From: This  has the  e-mail address, and the name (which can be changed), of the sender of the message
To: The email address, and  names (if the recipient is listed in the address book), of the receiver of the message
Subject: May be left blank or a brief summary of the contents of the message. Many viruses send messages with subjects like "Important" and if you receive many messages from different senders with the same subject, you should delete the emails 
Date: The  time and date when the email message was originally sent. If an email is composed using an email client like Outlook Express, the time when the mail is relayed , may be different from the time the email was sent.

Other email fields are cc (courtesy copy), Bcc( Blind courtesy copy, email ids of  recipients are not visible) 


Emails are exchanged between host computers on the internet  using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Most dialup internet service providers provide users with a free email address@ISP.  They allow users both POP3 and SMTP access. However,  you cannot send emails with the email address of  some other ISP.  If  you decide to change your ISP, you lose your email address.  They also provide webmail access, but storage space on ISP servers is limited to 5-10 MB.  Emails can be composed when the user is offline and messages received can be  downloaded and stored on the hard disk of the computer.

Free email service providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail usually only allow online access to your internet account - Webmail. This free service is supported by advertisements, which are showed to the user, when online. If you do not login to your email account regularly (usually once a month), all emails are deleted and your account is deactivated. These email accounts should be be used , if you are posting your message on online message boards. 

Gmail  gives users the largest free storage space - 2.5 GB and also allows free SMTP and POP3 access. However, they seem to have a daily sending limit. Gmail also seems to have a better anti-spam filter compared to other free ISPs. At present, you can get an account only if you are invited by an existing Gmail account holder.  To get a free Gmail account,  Click here .

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