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Update on March 5, 2014: The balance in the account was $51.34, but while trying to withdraw the money, it claims they can only pay $7, and out of this they are charging $2.8 as fee, willing to give only $4.2 as balance. So though Dollarsincome is a lucrative way to earn money, the balance is updated quickly, but they do not process payment requests quickly or pay their users on time. So till we receive complete payment it is best avoided.

Dollars Income

is a website which pays users for various activities such as writing, posting links, viewing ads, signing up, clicking ads, registering for different websites, posting ads and links on forums. It is another GPT website, but has an international audience, with many members from India. Many US based websites do not have many offers for Indians. It is slightly different from other GPT websites in the variety and number of tasks available.

Writing short articles of 150 -300 words is probably the most lucrative task available at DollarsIncome, but there are very few writing tasks available. Posting links on forums, blogs or other websites is also offered, which can be considered as advertising. However, the payment for these tasks varies from 0.05 to $0.6 and the Page rank required for posting the link is not specified in advance. The time taken for approval of these tasks is usually longer than for writing tasks.

Many websites pay referrals a percentage of the money earned, and Dollars Income helps users earn money by paying them to register at certain websites. The payment for each signup varies from a few cents to 20 cents or more, depending on the program. Like other social media promotion packages, this website pays for Facebook likes, Twitter followers and retweets

Many Indian users find it difficult to get a Google Adsense account, but Dollars Income has job offers which allows users to earn money from Google Adsense Ads. These are probably the most common assignments, with the payout per click of $0.25 and above in some cases. Posting links on websites and forums is less lucrative, and time taken to verify the assignments is longer.

The minimum payout for this website is rather high at $20 or $15 depending on the member status, through Paypal. No payment has been received from Dollars Income till date, though the balance increases have been credited and this review will be updated after the payment threshhold is reached.
However, there are a few websites which help writers earn quick money writing articles, with weekly payment. Unlike most writing websites, this option is open to writers all over the world, with payment through Paypal (and Moneybookers if needed) . The assignments are emailed to writers, and they have to be submitted at the website before the specified time. The income earned depends on the amount of work done, hardworking writers can easily complete 5-10 articles a day, to earn $20 or more. The rates are significantly higher than the Rs 75/500 words offered by most Indian writing websites. Also Indian writing websites want their writers to be online using Gtalk or Skype, which is difficult for writers who have an expensive internet connection.
To have a free account created, please send your name,email address, country to and All writers who use the account details sent and complete $20 of work, will get an additional $1 as a bonus sent to them . Indian writers will be sent this money by Money Order to their registered address. Additionally free tips on making money with online writing websites will be provided.
After receiving your details, we will be creating an account on a writing website for you, with the contact info provided by you. You have to verify your email address, and then complete a few assignments to check your proficiency in English. If these assignments are completed successfully, you will receive payment from the writing website. We can only provide assistance if you are facing any problem, but we are not involved in accepting or rejecting articles, that depends on the quality of the writing you submit. Please revert if interested. We can also help writers facing a problem with Paypal payments.

The emails, telephones, and SMSes of the owner of are intercepted in a very blatant attempt at identity theft and harassment. So if no response is received, please contact through the below website.
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