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Most advertisers however prefer to run affiliate programs to get better returns from their advertising . You are paid per action - either a sale, a registration or any other valid sales lead as decided by the advertiser.  For low priced items like books or gift items, you are paid per sale. For a more expensive products or items like machinery, booking of holiday package, real estate purchase, a valid enquiry results in payment. In USA, Canada and Europe, the payment per action is usually higher than that for a click.

For an affiliate program, you have to include an affiliate link with your tracking code on your website. When an interested visitor clicks on the link, a cookie is downloaded to track future actions of the visitor. If the visitor generates a sale or sales lead either immediately or within a fixed time period (usually 30 days), your account is credited.  The tracking of sales and leads by networks like commission junction is often inaccurate and under reported due to a number of reasons. Security settings in many PCs do not allow download of tracking cookies. Many visitors use software like Ad-Aware to remove spyware, which also remove tracking cookies. So affiliate programs are worthwhile only if the amount paid , compensates for the sales not accurately reported. Commission Junction, Linkshare track conversions and make payments, while other companies like Direct Track only track conversions. The affiliate is directly paid by the advertiser.  

In India, Commission Junction runs an affiliate program for eBay (earlier know as Baazee). Since almost all major Indian websites are affiliates of eBay, if you run a small website, the chances of conversion are low. They recently changed the terms of their affiliate program and you are paid only if the registered member bids on eBay within 1 month. They did not bother to send a mail to their affiliates regarding this change in program terms. You are paid by check when the balance in your account exceeds US$25.

There are other affiliate programs like Affiliate Curry. Usually affiliate programs should be included in a website only if the advertiser or seller is reliable. In most Asian countries, corruption is widespread, so you cannot  expect businessmen to honestly report  conversions. Since most internet users in India, access websites through cybercafés and in their office, tracking conversions is difficult. 

GoogleJunction is extensively advertised in newspapers like Times of India as a way of  earning money from home. It appears to be a combination of  Google Adwords and Commission Junction. You will have to advertise the affiliate programs through Google Adwords PPC program and will be paid for affiliate sales by Commission Junction (which is notorious for incorrect tracking) .  Some internet marketing skills are required. Like most doubtful  work at home schemes, it requires payment of  an initial joining fee.  Affiliate programs are not very popular in India, Google Adsense is a far better option

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